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Roy Elghanayan IDF Special Forces certified Krav Maga instructor

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Israeli Special Forces

Train with the official ambassador of Israeli Krav Maga and
Certified IDF Instructor of the Israeli Special Forces.

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Self defense training and fitness for women

Embrace the challenge

Self defense classes and fitness workouts designed specifically for women.

Boxing Self Defense
Black belt training in Krav Maga and Israeli Jiu Jitsu

Go The Distance!

Advanced hand to hand combat and survival training from Roy Elghanayan.

Black Belt Training
Self defense training for children and youth

Krav Maga for Life.

Self-defense is a life-long skill.
We welcome students of all ages.

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Self defense training for children and youth

Roy Elghanayan's Krav Maga

Roy Elghanayan's Krav Maga (REKM) is the only Official Training Center of Israeli Self Defense and Tactical Shooting in the United States directly associated with the Israeli Special Forces. We have the distinction of featuring classes taught by Roy Elghanayan, 4th Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of Krav Maga for the Israeli Special Forces. Roy trains law enforcement and military personnel around the world and has held seminars in more then 15 countries over the past 5 years. Our tactical law enforcement division is led by Aaron Cohen, former member of Duvdevan, Israel's top special operations counter terrorist unit. Together, we offer a true, authentic Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) training experience emphasizing hand-to-hand combat, tactical shooting and warrior training for both men and women. With our love and dedication to the self defense survival system of the IDF, we will provide you with a unique opportunity that was Made in Israel, but only taught at REKM.

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Full Experience

100% Israeli Krav Maga

Train, fight and survive. Through this Krav Maga program designed by Roy Elghanayan as an identical blueprint to the Israeli Special Forces Training Plan, you will develop true lethal fighting skills. You will begin by learning the basic fundamentals of self defense and work your way up to full contact sparring, tactical shooting, knife/gun defense and surviving multiple attackers. This course will push you beyond your highest potential. With hard training you will not only become physically fit and mentally strong, but a capable member of Roy Elghanayan's Elite Warrior Team.

50/50 Mix

Fitness / Self Defense

Get yourself physically fit while learning practical Krav Maga techniques. This specialized training program incorporates self defense strategies against common attacks (chokes, headlocks, bear hugs), fitness training and heavy bag work to create an advanced combination of physical agility and mental toughness.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or develop self-confidence, you will accomplish this without the direct physical contact present in the Full Experience Program. This course will get you into the best shape of your life.

Extra Training Services Offered


REKM’s military training program will certify your division in the most advanced Counter Terrorism tactics designed for secret missions and special operations. Our experienced team will ensure your unit operates at an elite level. REKM's military courses are implemented worldwide and can be customized according to your country's laws and needs.

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Law Enforcement

With violent attacks occurring across the country, the need for defensive tactics training is necessary. Whether you are a highway patrol team handling a combative assailant or a SWAT team being called to diffuse a hostage situation, our training team will give you the tools essential to handle any security threat. REKM’s DT training includes practical techniques and reality based training for highway patrol units, SWAT, FBI, CIA, and police/fire departments nationwide.

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Fight Choreography

Roy Elghanayan worked with such actors as Cung Le, Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Chastain. He provides on/off set advising and training for the development of fight scenes and choreography for any production crew. Whether you desire reality based fighting, or matrix/fantasy choreography, he will follow you through the entire filming process, from rehearsal and execution to fight sequence editing.

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Youth Training

Youth training begins with the basics of self-discipline and builds up to advanced Judo, Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga techniques. Students learn self-defense, while gaining self-control and assertiveness. We teach martial arts, providing students with self-confidence that will be integrated into their everyday lives. Our class sizes are limited to 10-20 students to secure the safety of each child. First class is free to all students.

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