Originally Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga (REKM) was known as Krav Maga Los Angeles and was officially established in 2007. Krav Maga LA was created by Israeli Special Forces Staff Sergeant Roy Elghanayan and his brother Tamir Elghanayan. Krav Maga LA was instructed by Roy and managed by Tamir. They worked together on empowering men and women in the LA area. After a few years Roy wanted to take Krav Maga Los Angeles in a different direction. In 2013, Roy transitioned Krav Maga Los Angeles to REKM. Today, REKM provides the highest level of Self Defense training in Los Angeles ranked by Google and Yelp. Not only does REKM provides Krav Maga classes to men, women & children but offers seminars and Krav Maga instructor courses worldwide.

Before REKM

This is Roy Elghanayan’s original logo of his Krav Maga Department from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). 

After REKM

This is the upgraded & modernized version bull logo inspired from Roy Elghanayan’s original logo.

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