Our Krav Maga Intermediate Program (i.e. Level 2) is where all the action starts. After completing the Beginners Program (i.e. Level 1), our main focus in Level 2 is to teach you how to apply all your Level 1 skills in different assault scenarios. As we keep focusing on having a strong offense, we dive deeper into strengthening your defense skills. A few of the defense scenarios covered in the Krav Maga Intermediate Program include: various chokes, grabs, holds and strike attacks from multiple directions. In the Krav Maga Intermediate program, we work on building and adding more offense skills, advance strikes and different tools for you to choose from, if and when you need to defend yourself. Regarding self defense, we believe that having as many tools and “tricks under your sleeve” as possible can only raise and benefit your chances of survival.


A second element we introduce in the Krav Maga Intermediate Program is ‘sparring’. We will teach you how to take a hit. Using protective sparring gear (Boxing or MMA Gloves, Shin Guards, Headgear, etc.), we will instruct you through specific drills and techniques that will help enhance your offensive response. Sparing will get your body strong but more importantly, your mind. Having  a strong mind will strengthen your ability to take a hit and keep fighting. In addition to covering different material from our Krav Maga Intermediate curriculum, we also cover different material from our Judo, Boxing, MMA and Israeli Ju-Jitsu curriculums.


The Krav Maga Intermediate Program is built from five different curriculums (Krav Maga, Judo, MMA, Boxing and Israeli Ju-Jitsu). It takes three months to teach all the training material. Each week we focus on different topics as we keep on reviewing previous material. All students in our Krav Maga Intermediate classes need to have their own personal Ju-Jitsu Gi and sparring gear (for your safety). It takes 8 months to be eligible to test out of our Krav Maga Intermediate program and into our exclusive Krav Maga Advanced program.