Our Krav Maga Beginners program (i.e. Level 1) is designed to get the “Average Joe” in shape by practicing the fundamental strikes of Krav Maga. If you haven’t been working out lately or you’ve never tried a Krav Maga Beginners class before, this program will take you from zero to a hundred within 2-3 months. Each week we focus on different topics and techniques from our Krav Maga Beginners curriculum. After a month of teaching the entire Krav Maga Beginners curriculum, we repeat the curriculum from the beginning. Repeating the Level 1 material will help you polish your fighting form. We do not ‘spar’ in the Krav Maga Beginners program but we do spar in the Krav Maga Intermediate Program (i.e. Level 2).


The Krav Maga Beginners program focuses mainly on having a strong fighting stance & offense. We believe this is the key for self defense. Simultaneously, we focus on mind and body conditioning, which is essential for survival. We use different workouts, strength/cardio drills and survival methods to achieve those goals. The Krav Maga Beginners curriculum covers different upper and lower body strikes, for example: groin kicks, punches, elbows and knees strikes. In addition, we will teach you when and how to apply these strikes during an assault. The experience we will take you through in our Krav Maga Beginners program is life changing. Feeling and knowing you can defend yourself at any point in time is our goal.

If and when you feel you are ready for a new challenge at REKM, you are welcome to test out of the Krav Maga Beginners Program into the Krav Maga Intermediate Program.