1. Why choose Roy Elghanayan’s Krav Maga?

Because REKM is the only official AUTHENTIC ISRAELI KRAV MAGA training center in Los Angeles. Owner/Former Israeli Special Forces Staff Sergeant, 1st Class Roy Elghanayan bases the training on the program he created for the Israeli Military.

2. How large are introductory classes/Level 1 Classes?

Class sizes for beginners are kept between 8-18 students so that everyone receives personal attention.

3. What can I expect from an Introductory/Level 1 class?

Classes are 60 minutes long and the number of participants are limited to about 18 students so that instructors can customize the classes to each individual student by using Roy Elghanayan’s teaching methods. These classes are a combination of cardio, fitness and basic Krav Maga technique. We want to keep you challenged in each class and level.

4. What should I wear?

Students should wear shorts or nothing longer than ankle length pants for personal safety and a t-shirt or tank top.

5. Are classes barefoot?

Yes, all classes are conducted barefoot for teaching purposes.

6. What is the pricing structure or payment programs and do you have enrollment fees or initiation fees?

REKM is one of the only Krav Maga training centers that does not charge enrollment fees or initiation fees.

7. At what age can my child begin Krav Maga?

Four years old is the minimum age for participation in our kid’s training class.

8. How long would it take to move up from Level 1 to Level 2?

It ranges from 1 month to 4 month. We recognize that everyone needs to work on a different timetable. Some people will be more coordinated and skilled and wish to move up faster, while others will want more time to feel confident in their technique before moving up. REKM does not have a defined time when a student will test to advance. The instructor will determine when you are ready, just keep training hard.

9. Does Roy Elghanayan actually teach the classes at this school?

Yes! He does. Roy teaches the advanced classes in the evenings during the week. He also teaches all the Krav Maga classes on Sundays. Come experience real Israeli Krav Maga at REKM.

10. Does REKM offer more then just authentic and advanced Krav Maga classes?

Yes. REKM offers not only Krav Maga training, but also Israeli Ju Jitsu, Yoga Classes, Classic Boxing Classes, Private Training and MMA training.